Airbnb co-Hosting Services

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Airbnb Co-Hosting services to our clients.   In a nutshell this means we will not only clean your condo and manage your guests arrival and departure, we will also take bookings for you, on your behalf via the Airbnb website.   For those of you who do not know how Airbnb Co-Hosting works, we suggest you watch the video's below and or visit the Airbnb website.   
We do not have any access to your finances or payment methods, only guest communications and bookings.   
From the Airbnb website "Hosts and co-hosts work together to provide memorable experiences for guests. Through their partnership, they shared a few best practices with us that highlight how to provide great hospitality for guests."
So as you can see from the above, essentially that is what we will provide for you.  And considering every Condo is different as are our client needs, we will tailor a package that is mutually beneficial to both parties and also receive instructions from you as far as vetting potential guests go and any other requirements you may have. 
Once we have been in touch with a suitable guest, we will then show you the guests profile and comments and seek your final approval for allowing them to stay at your property.  The rest of it we will manage for you including interacting with the guest for arrival/departure dates/times and housekeeping.   
Please see the below You-tube videos about Airbnb Co-Hosting and feel free to contact us to discuss pricing and your requirements.  
One final note on co-hosting, we suggest that you also do some further research about it to decide if you are comfortable in utilizing this service.  
From our standpoint we have met hundreds of guests over the last couple of years and we more or less co-host many properties now, the only thing we do not look after is the actual booking, we provide your guests with a point of contact for any emergencies or just general inquiries.  
We do not need to be trained in co-hosting as mentioned above we have been doing similar for over 2 years now and we understand how to keep your guests happy and ensure they want to return to your property.  
Please contact us should you wish to utilize our co-hosting services via the Airbnb platform.  

*Please note co-hosting is a separate service to guest greeting.  

For pricing for co-hosting please contact us or visit  our  pricing page.

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