Air conditioning Cleaning Services

Do you think your Air-conditioner is clean?

If you just clean the filters every week or couple of weeks you may be in for a nasty surprise.

Depending on your location and the frequency of use, if you live in Metro Manila there is a good chance that your Air-conditioner is costing you money because it is working harder to produce cold air due to the grime that collects on both the interior and exterior of the unit. 

This applies for both Split and Window type Air-conditioners and will greatly add to your electric bill each month. 


Your Split or Inverter type Air-conditioner if regularly used should be professionally cleaned both inside and out at least ever 3-6 months.   If not the motor is working too hard to provide you with cool air and eventually it will become that blocked that when you switch it on it will either sieze up or you may find that you have water leaking from the front of it where the vents are.

This is a sign that it is in bad need of a service and or a professional clean.

At we provide such a service and price depends on unit size, location, number of units and frequency of cleaning. 

Please see our Pricing page for costs or Contact Us for further information regarding Air-conditioning cleaning. 

Window Type Aircon - Clean and Service - De-clogging if required

650 PHP

Split Sytem Air-Con - Wall and Goround mounted - Clean and Service and De-clogging if required

PHP 1600

Cieling Mounted Aircon - Clean and Service and De-Clogging if Required

PHP 1900

Cassette Type Aircon Cleaning and Servicing - Declogging if required

PHP 2000

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Large Discounts apply for any Corporate Air-Con Services please Contact Us for an estimate

Please note that we no longer offer full Air-Con Repair or Freon gassing services but can refer if needed

See below for some tips on how to save on electricity with your Air-Con!

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Check Your Settings

It might seem counter intuitive, but setting the temperature to warmer in summer, and colder in winter, can ensure the air conditioner isn’t working too hard and hiking up your energy consumption. Generally, the best temperatures to go by are 24°C in summer and about 22°C in winter. Setting it to these temperatures will ensure both you and your wallet will stay comfortable.