Service 1 -Guest Services 2 or less guests per month

Check in and Check out of guests - Show guests the property, Fire escapes, and general layout, house rules, hand over of keys, verify guest ID - Inspection at check out and report to owner on guests experience and any damage or missing items if applicable. Includes letter to PMO and photographs of any damaged or missing items.  We will go out of our way to help your guests and be their point of contact for any advice they may need should they require it.  Please provide us with your guests full contact details, arrival dates and times and flight numbers where possible.   Passport photographs of guests can be taken and sent to you upon request. 

Service 1 -Guest Services 2 or less guests per month

Transportation Charges may apply
  • Some travel charges may apply depending on your location.

    Call out services available for lost keys etc.

    Cash payments for accomodation from guests are not accepted.

    Confidential updates on guests comments and experiences can be provided upon request.

    Further charges apply if a guest is more than 2 hours late arriving or departing.

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